Sep 28, 2007


All the thousands of loyal readers, are requested to tinker with their feedreaders, bookmarks, post-its, to-do lists and such like, so that they point to

P.S. I don't know why I am doing this. I have a feeling its sleep deprivation. That, boredom and wikipedia fanfare, it must be. Could it be the grass?

Sep 14, 2007

Bankers - the interesting types

What did they call the nymphomaniac banker?

They called her a f---'ING Veshya'.

Heh! like she cares. She is out there selling selling herself to the bidders. TCS, Wipro, Infy, Capgemini are all in the race. And she seems to have an eye for wealthy Indians too.

Calling all wannabe dads

(initially posted on

Celina Jaitley has landed herself a new job. Its has got something to do with those pyramidal mammaries, is what I hear.

Anyway, we all know, from her previous splendid work, about her undying devotion to the roles she takes up. Rumours are that her overwhelming dedication to the new job, makes her want to become a 'Mummy'.

Anyone wanting to help her in this noble endeavour is requested to contact her soon, as the 'Openings' are limited..

Update: She has yet to come up with the right guy. There is still hope. Who could have guessed the drawbacks of winning sex appeal polls..

Dec 4, 2006

The french connection

Is G-talk called Parle-G in France?!

Those who didnt get it go here and figure it out for yourself.

Dec 2, 2006


All these depressing people around me and it being exams time led me to think...

Did they name the GPA system so because it brings upon pressure in the order of GPa(gigapascals) on the student?!

You know it is...

...exam time when -

people barge into your room and before looking you in the eye, scan the whole room frantically for any evidence of academic pursuits and then follow it up with a customary "kitna padha yaar?"(how much did you study?)

[Relative grading does that to people. Sad.]

Well you also know its time to study when that happens but then...

Nov 30, 2006

you know it is...

...PL(preparatory leave, for the uninitiated) when

- breakfast and lunch slip past your sleeping self and you get up in time for the dinner

- you watch 5 episodes of prison break and then top it off with a couple of episodes of numb3rs at 4 in the morning

- your playlist(PL?), songs and movies alike seem to expand indefinitely

- you post to your almost dead blog consecutively three times at 5 in the morning

thande thande paani se nahana...

You know it is winter when your weekly ablutions become fortnightly.

...yes I do stay in a hostel.

My religion

This explains a lot.

I dare not say more, lest I anger her.

Sep 28, 2006

A comeback... hopefully

This page has been deprived of new words for so long that there can be no excuses. There can only be confessions.

Confessions of a mouse potato who blew the soul out of his blog, started 2 years back by deleting all the posts and then not coming up with new ones...

I was afflicted by chronic laziness, the virtues of which I hope to extoll in a future post. Also holding me down was what I call severe comparative disorder . All the while I was not blogging I have been reading a lot of them. I have been addicted to reading so much that I couldnt write. As I read through the myriad pages I wanted mine to be like many of them. All the time I did realise that I had to get down to writing to improve upon it, but then the laziness kicked in too.

I realise that blogging and for that matter any form of writing is like kissing. Once the moment passes, you have to start all over again. Hence forth I shall go with the flow and try to grab the moment.

Meanwhile there has been no dearth of bloggable happenings.

I was the liaison officer for Syria during the 3rd Asian Gymnastic Championship held in Surat. During which we got free flesh to devour on the plate and lots of flesh around to ogle on. I also developed an interest in Taiwanese herbal drugs, continental food and Soviet females. Felt that you dont need to know a common language to connect with people. I also discovered the talent I had for inane dance moves which basically poke at the psyche of the beholder and maybe tickle them a bit. You do know the ones where you look completely stoned and walk around the floor like zombies, don't you?

The classes were going on regularly which we bunked for the championship. Finally after the event we woke up the next Monday morning hoping to attend classes to find that the flood had struck. By Tuesday the campus was flooded and all the students left. No classes for another month...

Now the classes have restarted and everything is back to normal. But we are going strong and steady on the bunking front and using the free time for crazier things. So now I have a emotional connection with Akira Kurosawa, am addicted to the water in the workshop and have walked shirtless in front of a Prof and some hostel supervisors. We have also launched a psychometric time study of the response time of the female under study when subjected to intense public scrutiny. I learned that Japanese noodles taste bad and also that Indian maggi is better than the Sri Lankan one.

There is a lot more to learn and to write about. I just hope that I keep doing it more...